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Deliver your emails in the INBOX

universal service

Our SMTP service is universal. It allows you to send your emails from anywhere, without changing your settings.

quick server

Have a fast and available SMTP server, independent of the provider (ISP) and the type of connection used.

Easy to install

The initial configuration takes 2 minutes and remains valid regardless of where you use it.

compatible with your software

You keep your usual email client (Outlook, iPhone, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, …). Or add our SMTP relay to your server(Microsoft Exchange,Postfix, …)


You have access to all of your mailing history in the customer space. Make it easy to check if a message has been delivered.

pro technical support

A question, need help? Our experienced technical support accompanies you in all your problems: email, email-marketing, development, api, …

also for developers

Connect your app to your private SMTP and use our JSON API or webhooks to retrieve bounces and update your data.

and for marketers

Order a dedicated IP and use your favorite email-marketing software or CRM.

Create your SMTP account

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Analyze error codes for undelivered messages

When a message is not delivered to the recipient’s server, two scenarios: The error is final (for example, the recipient’s domain or email does not exist). In this case an error message is sent immediately to the sender. The error…

Setting up SPF

How to set up your domain name SPF to take full advantage of your subscription.


This article details the configuration of The Android for using an account Select “Email”   Click “Parameters” Select the account you want to use Service-SMTP on. Click “Outgoing Settings” Then enter the requested items, which you will find in…

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