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You have a “credit” of sending, usable without restriction. This is especially appropriate when the daily mail volume is very irregular or unpredictable:

  • periodic newsletter
  • sending emails from a website (transactional emails)
  • sending from CRM-type software

You are no longer limited by the restrictions in terms of the number of emails sent by your host or Internet service provider.

Check out our offers SMTP subscriptions if you want to use your account for your daily emails or if you send several newsletters a week.


credit Number of shipments
Maximum volume
x10 10,000 emails up to 1.5GB €27 excl tax
x20 20,000 emails up to 3GB €39 excl tax
x50 50,000 emails up to 7.5GB €89 excl tax
x100 100,000 emails up to 15GB €159 excl tax

The transfer volume (GB) is based on an average weight of 150KB per message.
If it is suitable for a “newsletter” type message, it is not enough for standard emails (classic correspondence with attachments, etc.).

We offer larger mailing credits. We also offer solutions for shipments with large attachments. Contact us for more information.


You choose a mailing credit and use it freely, with no time limit (credits never expire).

Your credit balance can be viewed at any time in your customer area.
When your credit comes to an end, you receive an email alert. If your balance reaches zero, your SMTP account is deactivated.
You can then credit your account online from your customer space.

Each account can be used on multiple machines by multiple people. Only the number of emails sent and the volume transferred are limited.
A SMTP account can be used from an email client, an email server (SBS, Exchange), but also from a website or application (via a suitable programming language: php, windev, etc.).

Only one restriction: no spam.

If you’re not sure, check out our anti-spam policy to find out more.


I send a newsletter to 2000 people registered once a week (2000 – 52 weeks – 96,000 emails).
A credit of 100,000 emails will cover my needs for just over a year.

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