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How long does the service take?

As soon as you have made your payment, the service is activated within 5 minutes. A confirmation email is sent to you and your SMTP account settings are available in your customer interface.

Will I get an invoice?

An invoice is sent to you by email at the same time as the opening confirmation email of your subscription.
This invoice is in PDF format, so easy to print and includes the T.V.A that you can deduct if you are a business.

What happens if I exceed my mailing quota?

When you exceed 80 of your sending quota, a warning email is sent to you.

When you exceed your daily mailing quota, your account is suspended and you are notified by email. Sending additional messages then generates an error.
The account is reactivated shortly after midnight. Messages that would have remained in your mailbox will then be sent.

What is the limit size of attachments?

The maximum size of attachments to an email sent via our services is slightly more than 30MB.

However, you need to make sure that your correspondent can receive such a large email.

Can the same subscription be used by more than one person?

yes. The number of sender email addresses is unlimited.

We do not limit the number of separate email addresses that send messages via the same subscription.
The daily quota allocated to the subscription is shared between the various users of the subscription.
If this quota becomes insufficient due to the number of subscription users, you can switch to the higher subscription at any time or add a new subscription associated with your customer space.

What uses is intended for? is ideal for itinerant or on-the-go workers. It also allows some F.A.I. to bypass the blocking of port 25.

It can be used as part of a corporate application, such as a CRM (e.g. sending quotes or raises), to unload your server from the emails part or benefit from better deliverability.

Is it permissible to send prospecting messages?

In order to preserve the deliverability of emails sent via our servers, eu not intended for mass sending promotional messages. For this type of use, we advise you to address you to an emailing router, which will also offer you statistical and marketing tools.

However, the non-automated sending of promotional messages is tolerated, provided that our anti-spam policy is respected.

Shipments must not generate complaints from Internet users who receive messages (complaints to our services, complaints via anti-spam organizations). Our acceptable complaint rate is one per 3000 messages sent, which is inconsistent with prospecting emailing on a non-opt-in individual file or on an optimally targeted non-targeted professional file.

In any case, from the moment prospecting shipments generate too many complaints, we rely on the number of complaints generated to suspend an account and not on the legitimacy/legality of a marketing action.

What are the prohibited uses?

Massive sending of promotional messages, sending unsolicited messages (spam) are prohibited.

Sending anonymous messages (with an email address from the wrong sender) should also be banned.

We can easily detect any misuse of our service. We have agreements with some ISPs to do this and our technicians are alerted as soon as a complaint is received. We also automatically survey a large number of anti-spam services to verify whether a complaint against one of our users has been filed by a user.

Sending spam from our services may result in the definitive deletoaning of the account without refund.

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