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  • provided a standard-compliant smtp server. It is therefore compatible with all email clients using the SMTP protocol and operating systems (a non-exhaustive list: Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Mobile, Outlook all versions, Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, iPhone, …).
  • service-smtp allows the use of many login ports so that it can be used via ISPs that block ports by default sending emails


(means that messages are delivered in inbox and not in spam box)

  • uses servers hosted in France, on French IP addresses, which is a definite advantage for good deliverability
  • allows the use of common authentication methods for the sender of an email. Check out the documentation on setting up SPf and domainkeys for implementation.


  • offers different types of accounts, corresponding to different types of usage. Each type of account offers the ability to send a certain number of emails per day. The mailing counter is reset every day at midnight, French time. When the limit is almost reached, an email is sent to the user to notify him and give him the opportunity to switch to a higher offer.
  • In order to maintain optimal deliverability for all users, the sending of unsolicited messages and advertising messages is not tolerated on In the event of sending advertising and/or unsolicited messages that result in complaints from Internet users, will be required to suspend, restrict or cut off the associated user account and will not be required to refund.
  • allows attachments to be sent by email of up to 30MB. Make sure that your caller’s email box allows such a volume to be received.
  • you can track your consumption at any time by connecting to your customer space:

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