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Service-SMTP offers different types of packages tailored to each use.

You have a maximum quota for one-day shipment. It allows you to break the restrictions imposed by the SMTP server provided by your ISP (blocking port 25, sending or volume limit, etc.).
The service also allows you to send your emails from anywhere (hotel, WIFI, …) without having to change the configuration of your email client.


fee Sending quota
Transfer volume
Annual rate
personal up to 100 emails a day up to 50MB per day €19 excl tax
Team up to 500 emails a day up to 100MB per day €29 excl tax
Pro up to 1000 emails a day up to 300MB per day €69 excl tax
Business up to 2500 emails a day up to 1GB per day €180 excl tax
Company x2 up to 5000 emails a day up to 2GB per day €360 excl tax
Company x3 up to 7,500 emails a day up to 3GB per day €540 excl tax
Company x4 up to 10,000 emails a day up to 4GB per day €720 excl tax

Subscriptions are non-binding.
There is no automatic renewal.
When your subscription expires, you choose to renew it or not.

To open an account and start using Service-SMTP in less than 5 minutes,
go to the registration page.

(New customers: for Pro and higher plans a verification procedure via a brief telephone interview is required)

We offer packages of up to 10,000 emails/10GB of daily quota.
Contact us for more information.


Daily consumption is calculated from midnight to 11:59 p.m.
At midnight all daily consumption is reset.

Each account can be used on multiple machines by multiple people. Only the number of emails sent and the volume transferred are limited.
A SMTP account can be used from an email client, email server (SBS, Exchange), or other system compatible with the SMTP protocol.

When 80 of the daily quota is reached an alert email is sent automatically. If one of the quotas is reached, the SMTP server refuses to send the messages. Messages remain in your email client’s mailbox and will be sent from midnight, when the quota is reset.

This type of subscription may be suitable for sending newsletters (periodic mailings to a list of registrants), but our credit system may be more suitable.

Only one restriction: no spam.

If you’re not sure, check out our anti-spam policy to find out more.

Type of use

  • Personal messaging (Outlook, Thunderbird, …)
  • Email server (SBS, Exchange, …)
  • Smartphone, iPhone, ….

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