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If you want to use an account as a sending solution for traditional correspondence, whether personal or professional, this page is not about you, none of your emails will be a problem.

If you would like to use our services to send newsletters or promotional emails,when you sign up,

You are committed to

  • send emails only to recipients who have expressly agreed to receive messages about your products or services. On the registration form (online or paper), a box (not checked by default) must ask if the person wishes to subscribe to your mailings and the theme of the messages they will receive should be clearly mentioned.
  • indicate in all messages why the user receives a message, i.e. indicate how his address was collected (for example: the loyalty card of a specific store, the name of a website, etc.).
  • Clearly indicate who the sender of the message is,including the name of the company (or association, or site), reply email, etc.
  • Include a opt-out link in all messages so you don’t receive emails anymore. This link must be clear and visible. Applications for opt-outs must be considered immediately.
  • do not exert too much commercial pressure when it comes to promotional emails (once or twice a month, for example).

We also advise you to order a dedicated IP from your customer space.

You can’t use our services if

  • your list of addresses comes from a third party, whether it’s a purchase or an exchange,even if the file is sold as “opt-in.” When a user gives his consent to receive emails, he gives it to the publisher of the site on which he registers, not for his partners or customers.
  • your email list has been retrieved from the Internet or on a paper directory, by hand or via software to suck upemail addresses.
  • you want to “prospect” companies or people with whom you are not already in contact or advertise to recipients who don’t know you.
  • the theme of your message is biased (adult content, gambling, promotion of an audiotel service, etc.) or illegal (incitement to hatred, weapons, tobacco, racism, human abuse, etc.).

We have tools to detect the sending of unsolicited emails via our services, including agreements with ISPs to receive a copy of all spam reports made by Internet users.
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