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Sending email-marketing campaigns? is reserved for sending requested emails:

  • all personal emails (via traditional messaging software)
  • transactional emails (opening account on your shop, orders, deliveries, notifications, …)
  • sending newsletters to your subscribers or customers (double-optin)

The sending of unsolicited prospecting emails is tolerated in France only on addresses of professionals (on a theme in the context of their activity).
However, this type of shipment is not tolerated on with our traditional offers, in order to guarantee optimal deliverability to all our customers. You have to take a dedicated IP for this.

If you want to send large volumes of prospecting emails, it’s best to opt for a dedicated emailing campaigning platform, which will allow you to have statistics, the management of unsubscribes and bad addresses and a whole a range of marketing-appropriate tools, such as a responsive message editor. Moreover, you will not be subject to a maximum of daily shipments as on a Relay SMTP.

Ediware, the other company in our group, publishes a emailing platform which will allow you to carry out your emailing campaigns in peace. Check out the features of Ediware email-marketing platform by following this link or contact them directly at the phone number listed on the site.

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